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Firearm News

  • The government wants to tighten the country’s gun laws, and amendments to the 2000 Firearms Control Act are expected to go before Parliament early next year. And the ANC is calling for the elimination of illegal guns.

  • Nine years after they were first stripped from him after his arrest for assault and battery, Raymond Holden is still fighting to get his guns and gun permit back. The journey has been paved with wins and losses in court, and while he does not say how much, the price tag has grown quite steep. He remains locked in a battle with the city and Police Chief Gary Gemme, who first suspended Holden's license in 2005, and revoked it in 2006.

  • State Rep. Ruth Kagi, D-Seattle, whose district includes parts of south Snohomish County, for two years has sponsored a bill that would require that guns be safely stored, making it a crime if a person stores or leaves a loaded firearm in a place where a child under 16 could get it.It didn’t get out of committee in 2013 and didn’t get a hearing in 2014. She said Wednesday she’ll try again in 2015. The Legislature convenes in January.