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National Rifle Association | NRA-ILA News
  • Armed criminals in the Nation's Capitol are breathing easier since Monday when a federal appeals court reinstated the District of Columbia's sham concealed carry licensing law, a move that again prohibits the law-abiding from exercising their right to bear arms. The court’s order allows the District to resume enforcing a provision of D.C. law found unconstitutional and blocked by a lower court in the case of Wrenn v. District of Columbia. 

  • If it sounds like we’re repeating ourselves, it’s because we are. For the proverbial umpteenth time, Fact Checkers at a prominent newspaper have denounced a lie being told by a supporter of expanded background checks on gun sales.

  • Today, multiple important pro-gun provisions of Senate File 878 go into effect.  Gun owners in the state of Minnesota are now legally allowed to own and possess firearm sound suppressors.